‘Everything has a frequency’

Is your frequency out…?

 with Arianna Aunon

Health is a frequency, when you effect the frequency you effect the form, and when you effect the form you affect the function.

The latest research carried out in many laboratories and centers in USA, Germany, Russia, Japan has shown that cellules, tissues and organs are structures that have strict bioelectrical characteristics. This has been experimented and proven, that these characteristics can alter fast and deeply during the reign of a pathological process. Being a sort of fuel for all living processes, electromagnetic fields maintain a normal physiological state of cellules. Bioresonance is a therapy that uses electromagnetic frequencies to detect pathologies, picking up bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites as well as contaminants, like heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances. It can be used to detect food sensitivities, and the severity of that sensitivity, giving us a clear picture of possible irritants on the body. Many body systems from digestion, hormone to detoxification and anti-ageing, and many more can be supported very well, via a combination of frequency therapies, a nutrition plan with possible supplementation and lifestyle points, specific to the individual, as one plan does not fit all. This allows for progress to be seen with less toxicity, increased energy levels, reduced pain and a feeling of wellbeing.

The Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago 530 combines latest technology with incredible accuracy (up to 96%) and efficiency of treatment, making it one of the leading devices of energy medicine worldwide. Bioresonance works on the principle that every living cell emits a healthy frequency which can be detected, if disease processes evolve, the vibrational output changes, and this can be measured. The scientist Dr. Royal Rife discovered that pathogens (virus/bacteria) emit a certain unique frequency, and can be destroyed by exposure to a specific (inverted) frequency without any negative effect on the body. He claimed he was able to cure cancer with a similar method, but faced extreme hostility and suppression by a powerful conspiracy headed by the AMA (American Medical Association). The Sensitiv Imago is a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art bioresonance machine, with proven 96% accuracy. One scan with this machine can be as effective as 20-30 different specialist doctor visits, as every organ and system in your body can be investigated for proper function, pathogen and toxin accumulation, while you sit comfortably with headphones on and hands on a electrode board.

Bioresonance is accurate and efficient, being non-invasive, fast and has the ability to detect changes on a cellular level very early on, before major pathological changes have had a chance to develop, making it a powerful preventative tool.

The Bioresonance machine Sensitive Imago is able to:

  • Analyse the balance of your organs and systems and detect diseases in the whole body
  • Detects the presence of viruses, bacteria and parasites, with details on their their location
  • Check’s the blood for toxins, allergens, sensitivities and infection
  • This Bioresonance devise can prepare homeopathy but in frequency form, very powerful and effective
  • Frequency therapy to re-balance the body and mind and heal at a deep energetic level
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The Sensitiv Imago is an educational tool, assessment tool and therapeutic tool, allowing us to discover what is the real root cause to your problems. Please watch the video below, you can also find out more at the Sensitiv Imago website, if you have any further questions Please contact me via email or book a call with me below.

The smallest level is the frequency, so by working at this level the most dramatic changes can happen. Working preventatively is the key to wellbeing, working in harmony with the body, not against the body.

There’s a reason why you have found this page, if you are one of the many that have had ongoing symptoms and been unwell for too long now, or just want to see what’s really going inside that amazing body of yours, then this is where you can finally get to the bottom of it all, find that root cause, and get a clear report of Your inside information. As this full body non-invasive scan is the equivalent of 20-30 private visits and very expensive testing, it’s an extremely powerful tool to get to the root of your symptoms. The Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago 530 has incredible accuracy (up to 96%), making it one of the leading devices of energy medicine worldwide.