You have the choice, the medicine is waiting for you in every mouthful you take.
Food Has The Power To Change Your Life, Your Health & Your Hormones.

I am here to help you get your health back and your hormones balanced.

Making Empowered Food Choices, Allows You To Take Back Your Health, In A Few Short Weeks.

Nutrition is about giving your body variety, feeding it colours, it is in those vibrant coloured fruits and vegetables where vital phytochemical’s live, plant chemicals, colours which feed your body with the correct information to protect and repair the damage which is occurring on a daily basis, and more than likely has been happening for years. With the added stresses on the body of living in a city, emotional eating habits, stress, deadlines, family, bad food choices, vaccinations, not enough sleep, over supplementing, to much fat, to much protein, and way to many animal products, are bodies are playing catch up, and rarely given the time to heal the imbalances already going on inside, but instead, more toxicity is put into the mix. What if you could learn about a lifestyle which allowed your body to naturally get well, just through the yummy food you ate, and way you live, no crazy fasting, weeks of juicing, taking 10 supplements, counting your medication, getting endless blood tests that get you nowhere, Or destroying your body further via the Paleo, Keto, low carb madness. Your body thrives and heals with whole plant based foods, that have the healing power, energy and balance you need to  regain vibrantly happy healthy hormones long-term. Food is the biggest healer of all… You can keep popping pills, applying lotions and potions, eating supplements, and having surgery BUT, this will only keep you stuck on a roller-coaster of ill-health. Until the correct diet and lifestyle is in place, health will not resume.

Who wants to know the most sustainable diet for both Your health and Your planet, and how it is the most yummy, comforting diet of all…Whole-food plant based, its all about complex carbohydrates, low protein and low-med fat, when this is followed your body repairs fast, and you see your whole life return within weeks. It’s not surprising that hormone imbalances are at an epidemic level worldwide, with everyone told carbs are bad, yes refined carbs are, but complex carbs are an absolute foundation to your hormone health – whole body health.

‘Its not about the protein, its not about the fat, its about the complex carbohydrates, when you get on this journey you will see your health and hormones transform quicker than ever before.’

Get empowered by a happy, healthy lifestyle and allow yourself to thrive; Live free and vibrant, with endless energy, knowing that you are supported and nourished abundantly on all levels through the lifestyle you live.

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Our body is not just one layer, it has multiple layers and holds a vast amount of information in every cell, our information matrix. It is these cells which communicate to each other, getting stuck in habitual pathways, because it’s been repeated so many times, repeating emotional patterns and negative thought processes, keeping us stuck and blocked, unable for energy to flow. As researched by Masaru Emoto, water has been found to have memory, and as the human body is 50-70% water, then imagine what that 50-70% can store and how destructive this can be to our cells, our body, physical, mental and emotional, just a little one for you to think about. Its time for conciousness to rise and for humnaity to getting intouch with the innerself, what we realy are.

Mother Earth will carry on without humanity, but humanity cannot carry on without the Earth. So lets eat not only to sustain our own body, but also to sustain our planet.