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“No More Endometriosis, No more PCOS, Pain free… lost 2 stone in less than 8 weeks… and Arianna’s positive outlook on life even helped me manifest money into my own life” “I came to see Arianna as I was suffering with severe period pains, chronic abdominal and lower back pain, weight gain and general low moods. My doctors diagnosed me with having PCOS and Endometriosis which left me in a lot of pain physically and emotionally, and on a lot of pain killers, being told this could stop me from having children one day, this really upset me. I was told I needed to have surgery, but I decided I wanted to get rid of the cysts naturally as surgery would cause me more trauma. After having my consultation, following the clear protocol and having weekly support, I noticed my periods became normal and painless, I was pain free!!! So glad I said No to surgery!! I then went on to loss 2 stone in less than 2 months, had loads more energy throughout my day, and felt happier all round. My general well-being was so much better, and following Arianna’s program step by step literally changed my life. Eventually my cysts went and I started ovulating again! I made many great lifestyle changes that I incorporated into my life thanks to Arianna. Arianna is thorough in her work and research and explained everything to me properly, assuring me that everything would be ok, always making me feel positive about me getting better. I could not recommend seeing Arianna enough and her positive outlook on life even helped me manifest money into my own life. Thank you Arianna and keep doing what you are doing, you are an amazing healer and naturopath.”
T, Munalula London UK/Melbourne
“Anxiety Free, Loads More Energy And Motivation… Feeling more in control of my emotions and ready for anything” “As someone who cares a lot for my body and mind I was really interested in going deeper, looking at getting a clearer picture of my ailments, to see what their triggers were. Arianna allowed me to understand the root cause to all my symptoms, in a clear and simple way. I was so fatigued, bloated and had awful period pains, before i came to see Arianna. Having been on my plan of 8 weeks now… I for sure feel better, have loads more energy and ambition, noticeably less pain around my periods and have also altered the way I think about my food and lifestyle, which i have found fun, this has also allowed me to align more with my passions and love myself more.  I feel more in control of my emotions, which feels so great! The beauty of Arianna’s work is there is no pressures to suddenly make huge dramatic changes, she makes it an understandable and enjoyable process, and her connection with you throughout the transition I found so valuable, knowing that I am accountable keeps me focused and motivated each week. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you don’t have any big issues, it’s so important to see what’s really going on inside ourselves, and start to understand there is more truth in natural healing than covering up our pains with constant pharmaceutical drugs.” Enjoy the process. I am.
E, Pumer London UK/USA
“Only 8 weeks and people are commenting on how great my skin looks, and No bloat!” The main reasons I started a program with Arianna was because I was suffering with very bad skin, bloating, feeling tired and weight gain. It has been around 2 months now and I have noticed a huge difference in my energy, my tummy is flat and my skin glowing. People have noticed a big difference in my skin and started to comment on how great it looks, healthy and radiant. The extra supplements I was recommended to add to my day to day routine I have enjoyed taking, they have made me feel great!” Thank you very much!”
L. Weston, London